• Country: Lebanon
    Language: Arabic
    Directed by: Ghassan Salhab
    Screenplay: Danielle Arbid
    Cast: Carlos Chahine, Raia Haidar, Faek Homaissi, Raymond Hosni, Aouni Kawas, Roland Tomb, May Sahab
    Cinematography by: Jacques Bouquin
    Music by: Cynthia Zaven
    Producer: Marie Balducchi
    Production: Djinn House Productions
    Distribution: Agat Films & Cie
    Plot: Khalil (Carlos Chahine), a doctor who works at an hospital, is strangely linked to victims of a serial killer who leaves them without blood. Ghassan Salhab's The Last Man evokes the layers of the past that make up Beirut's sedimented present. Rather than approach history and politics head-on, Salhab's film does its work through an unlikely idea: a vampire is sucking the lifeblood from Beirut's citizenry, one victim at a time. A respected doctor, Khalil Shams (Carlos Chahine), whom we see scuba-diving in one of the film's many enigmatic and beautiful sequences, begins to suspect he himself is the vampire. Recoiling from sunlight, Dr. Shams explores the darker dimensions of a wintry Beirut (seen through Jacques Bouquin's stunning cinematography) as he increasingly questions his own capacity for intimate violence. Titled Ruins in Arabic, this dream-like film suggests Beirut as a city continually searching for ways to forget its past, all the while unable to stem the slow bleed of of history back into the City's consciousness.
    Running Time: 101 minutes
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  • International title: In the Battlefields
    Original title: Dans les champs de bataille
    Country: Belgium, France
    Directed by: Danielle Arbid
    Screenplay: Danielle Arbid
    Cast: Marianne Feghali, Rawia Elchab, Laudi Arbid, Aouni Kawas, Carmen Lebbos, Roland Tomb, Roger Assaf, Takla Chamoun, Issam Abou Khaled
    Cinematography by: Hélène Louvart
    Film editing: Nelly Quettier
    Art director: André Fonsny
    Costumes designer: Dorothée Guiraud
    Producer: Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Jérôme Vidal
    Production: Versus Production, Quo Vadis Cinéma, Radio Télévision Belge Francofone (RTBF) (BE), Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) (FR)
    Plot: Daughter of self-destructive parents, Lina, 12, doesn't show much interest in the war taking place around her in 1980's Beirut. Instead, Siham, her aunt's beautiful adolescent maid, is the focal point of her rebellious and neglected childhood. As the basis for the girls' relationship shifts, issues of loyalty and power set off a series of events, which isolate Lina even more. Unlike films in which the violence of an urban war zone motivate a family to strengthen their ties, in this film, director Danielle Arbid depicts, instead, relationships that are shattered by passion, reprisal and guilt.
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  • International title: Miracle
    Country: Lebanon
    Directed by: Georges Homsy
    Screenplay: Georges Homsy
    Cast: Carlos Azar, Raymonde Gelalian, Carmen Lebbos, Roland Tomb, Mona Chahine, Joëlle Homsy, Hamzah Nassrallah, Anis Abi Khalil
    Cinematography by: Toufic Tabbal
    Film editing: Leyla Kanaan & Riad Chebli
    Costumes designer: Dorothée Guiraud
    Producer: Dima El Joundi
    Production: Université Saint-Joseph
    Plot: 7:55 AM. The waiting room at the United States embassy in Cyprus fills with visa applicants.
    Alone in a corner a 27 year old Lebanese man is waiting his turn.
    When he is called on to translate, he is torn between translating, his affection for his compatriots and his own situation as a visa applicant.